Pet Behavior

At South Shore Animal Hospital we know you love your pet and only want the best in their physical and behavioral health. When it comes to things like digging, barking and other behavioral issues, it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

Our veterinarians will help you discover the steps and actions you can take to help your pet lead a happier, more balanced life. Click through the articles listed below to learn more about common behavioral issues your pet may be displaying.

Behavior Changes and Pain in Aging Dogs
Behavior Counseling - Compulsive, Stereotypic and Displacement Disorders
Cat Behavior Problem - Aggression - Petting Aggression
Cat Behavior Problems - House Soiling
Cat Behavior Problems - Scratching Behavior
Do I Need a Trainer or a Behaviorist?
Dog Behavior and Training - Dominance, Alpha, and Pack Leadership - What Does it Really Mean?
Dog Behavior Problems - Coprophagia
Dog Behavior - What's Normal and What's Not
Puppy Behavior and Training - Dealing with Undesirable Behavior

Obedience Counseling offered at Animal Hospital in Wantagh